Choice and options

first_imgI think the quantum leap in capabilities of Intel’s Nehalem-EX combined with the innovations of server vendors like IBM will transform the high-end server market by providing more choice and options for the most demanding workloads.  I can’t wait. I think IT buyers will be delighted. Intuitively we know they’re nice to have. I can chose this, or I can chose that. I can take  more, or I can take less. And if I can change my mind later—even better. We know we’re better off when we have more choice and options.A couple of simple concepts, but they underpin so much. When you get right down to it the success or failure of any organization or enterprise depends on making the right choices and selecting the right options within resource and time constraints. Economists call this economic efficiency.I think we are about to see a quantum leap forward in choice and options for IT managers.  Intel’s upcoming Nehalem-EX processor is aimed at the most demanding compute needs of the market. Nehalem-EX brings the biggest generation-to-generation performance leap in Xeon history, an 8X jump in memory capacity, socket scaling from 2 to 256 sockets, and a 3X jump in advanced reliability features. Nehalem-EX also brings a big leap in design modularity. And this allows server designers to build a much broader range of innovative server platforms–for better customer choice and options.IBM’s recent announcement of their new generation of eX5 platforms based on Intel Xeon’s Nehalem-EX next generation processor processor is an excellent case in point. These platforms offer  greatly enhanced choice and options compared to what’s generally in the market today. 2-socket blade (HX5)….. expandable up to 4 sockets2-socket rack (X3690 X5)… new entry-priced eX5 class server4-socket rack (X3850 X5)…..expandable to 8 sockets4-socket workload optimized systems tuned for specific workloadsMAX5….an IBM innovation allows IBM’s customers to add even more memory if they need itFlexnode….an IBM innovation that enables easy partitioning of these eX5 systems further enhancing configuration flexibilitylast_img

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