Riding roughshod…

first_img…on the rule of lawIt appears that this Government’s contempt for the law knows no bounds. And it’s epitomized by the latest gambit of Attorney General (AG) Basil Williams to select Special Prosecutors to go after PPP figures identified in the government’s “audits”. This is just after his ill-judged attempts to forcibly expropriate land owned by our Ambassador to Canada Clarissa Riehl and the Beharry Corporation was abandoned after a public outcry. We won’t mention the attempt to railroad Calvin Duncan, head of the Judicial Service Commission.Now it’s no secret the government’s pursuing a “Jail PPP” vendetta in general and a “Jail Jagdeo” one in particular – ever since the elections. They conducted 3 million worth of “audits” (Illegally through “sole sourcing”, according to the Auditor General!! But when you WANT a result… you try to ENSURE a result!!) which however, produced no smoking gun on the “billions and billions” they claimed had been “siphoned off”.So whaddya do? Especially when the Macbethian witches at the Muckraker kept stirring the cauldron. Well, it seems they’re following the rule – “if at first you don’t succeed (illegally), then try again (illegally). Fellas like AG Williams were beside themselves that local accountants who had joined them in castigating the PPP couldn’t dig up dirt to support prima facile cases to prosecute.How’d we know this? Well, Williams himself confessed that the institution in charge of initiating prosecutions in Guyana, the DPP office, said so! Only he twisted the statement to say the cases were “too political”! But didn’t the same DPP allow charges to be made against Carvil Duncan? Wasn’t that political? Williams then raised the point of the DPP’s involved in one of the cases. But He had to concede, so was she in the infamous NBS case, and all she had to do was recuse herself!You don’t kill a mosquito sitting on the forehead of your friend by using a hammer, do you? And transferring the right to select Prosecutors from the DPP to the Executive is like using a SLEDGEHAMMER on the Rule of Law – as articulated by the Constitution. This point was cogently made by ex-AG Nandlall. In fact, the DPP’s office was created in the Commonwealth specifically to protect citizens from Executive persecution.Williams whinged that Nandlall himself had been a Special Prosecutor against treason accused Benschop. But he’s being beyond disingenuous. Nandlall had been identified and selected by the DPP office!! And not by some partisan AG!What Williams didn’t mention was that he then argued AGAINST Nandlall being made a Special Prosecutor by then Deputy Roxanne George… and lost!Oh! Times have changed, but not the rule of law!!…over securityBetween 2002-2008, as the Buxton gang created mayhem on the East Coast and in forays to Georgetown and as far afield as the Port Mourant PPP Congress. And amazingly even thought they didn’t have the power of “apparating” like the Harry Potter wizards, no one reported seeing the bandits in the locales where they were holed up.Part of the problem was even though folks talked about the bandits “holding communities hostage”, much, if not all, of that was a myth. These fellas had people who were sympathetic – if not downright friendly – to them and we had the huge turnout at several funerals to prove that. Well, now that the Bartica Massacre miscreants are on trial… we’re hearing testimony about how they holed up at several locations ranging from Tiger Bay to Parika.So what’re the Police doing about this? There are no statutes of limitations on murder… and these people who aided and abetted the murders are accomplices to murder.They should be hauled before the counts and charged.…on IDB Loan for OgleThe government’s moving to create the body to regulate the operations of the Ogle Airport… which the last administration had initiated.But what about servicing the US$ millions doled out by the IDB that the government’s servicing?last_img

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