How to avoid the webmaster detours

how to avoid the webmaster detours, but this has just entered the key to the industry. Now more and more people choose to do webmaster, because the threshold of this industry is very bottom, and even you can type, you can do webmaster. But want to choose yourself for what, can let the beginners take some little crooked road, and meet some setbacks and hardships, profit and real income. The following about what time, just enter the station to pay attention to the place!


1. Domain name selection

We all know that

is a domain name, website address and name, you have nice or brief meaning so it is very easy to remember, may be more than light glanced at the address can remember, but must website content more what you do best. Because Chinese now mostly in the use of Baidu search engine Chinese accounted for seventy percent, the number of users! Because Baidu is for Chinese area of the site, then the recognition of Pinyin Baidu and ranking to the weights of the relatively high! Such as you want to do the website is "real estate network", then you are the best of the domain name with "fanchan" this double or super good! Remember the domain name number, preferably 4 or less, for example 2345


two, space or server selection,

this is very important, before you choose to do a web site, think about whether you have the ability to withstand the intensity of resources. For example, you want to be a music website, you must use a large server, music website resources accounted for very hard disk, usually a large network of music at least occupy 1T (2 500G disk) or 2T disk, usually at least 100 megabytes of bandwidth! See these, want to do music station, so the investment fairly large, not suitable for beginners to do! If you do is a literary website, forum or website, or corporate website, then you can choose a space, because these sites program resources and content, the occupied space is very few, choose the money for starting the bottom space webmaster, practice is a good thing! In addition to the most important, whether it is to choose a certain space or server will have to choose the big chess machine company. Because your space or server is unstable, often can not open, even if you pay more efforts. Search engines don’t give you rankings, so spend dozens or hundreds of them. Because stability is more than everything,


three, to choose their own interests, love number website

this is also very important, because to do the station is very boring thing, usually a newly entered the webmaster in the first 3 months or even six months, will not have too much income. In the course of time, you will feel that this industry has no future! If you choose one of your own love to do the website content, quality and content of your ideas will be greatly enhanced, imperceptibly, website popularity, tickets also have. Because only love will work hard, just like you like a woman you love, when you pay two hundred percent efforts. If you don’t like it, you’re not in the mood for it

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