2080 principles of station construction

has been a station for several years, and has been studying at A5 for several years. Over the past few years do station experience, let me have a lot of emotion. The following article, I just focus on the development of the site, grasp the problem of speaking.

What is the key to the development of

websites? How do we grasp these keys? This is the problem that this article should solve.

What is the key to the development of


you can say is positioning, can be said to be content, can be said to be resources, it can be said to be…… Here, what I’m talking about is traffic. Why can I say is flow? Do a website, do a website, what to do to make? What is flow?. Flow is the basis of profit and the drive for the website to continue to develop. From the point of view of causality, the purpose of our website is for traffic. So, what kind of "cause" can produce such a "fruit",


doesn’t have to list everything. We need the ones that are the focus. We can get 80% of the revenue by focusing on 20%. I believe I can see this article, are some personal webmaster. One cannot do all things well; what they need to do is one of the important 20%.

below, I will take my two websites as an example to illustrate the problem: Chinese Graduate Forum and graduate job hunting network.

content – although it’s a bit corny, I think the reason why so many people emphasize him is because he’s more important. Content, the original content, which is the key to the development of the site. Many people wonder, I am a station, where so much of the original content? When God created a problem, he has this problem made three answers, the key is that you have to think there is no question.

on this question, I would like to talk about the methods used in two Chinese graduate forums. First, the integration of resources, first, the original video content. Ctrl+V Baidu is not the pure love, and the main source of China website traffic is Baidu, so this method is strongly desirable, I ChinaGra.cn the station is pure acquisition, Baidu included 100, Google included 3600, PR4, traffic is about 1000, because Baidu included less, the search engine can bring traffic is limited. So I put forward a method of integrating resources to solve this problem. For example, the Chinese Graduate Forum can not provide original news, we need this kind of news, how to do it? Can not be copied directly, we change the way. Change the forms of news, the news of the day I put into a post above, each news said only in outline, rather than pseudo original, I this is pure original, increase Baidu included, I appeared for the first time Baidu included more than Google phenomenon. Another method is to integrate resources, innovative new concept, put something together. For example, the China Graduate Forum did nothing

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