Personal AdSense and advertising alliance business should work together to build a harmonious indust

website profit has been the key issue, personal website profit model is single, advertising alliance is one of the most direct profit form of grassroots adsense. At present, the domestic advertising alliance market is very good and bad, the number of advertising alliance business is large, but the number of trusted owners is a small number. Among them, the Baidu alliance is one of the most reliable and trusted alliances for webmasters.

Admin5 on Thursday September 9th exceeded Baidu alliance activities, invited senior manager Ma Guolin together to discuss the website profit and Baidu alliance related issues, allowing users to have a more in-depth understanding of Baidu alliance. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked: "I am a personal webmaster, I think the site should be given a few days of inspection period, sometimes obviously black, but directly by your K, which for the webmaster, very hurt.".

answer: Baidu alliance has been advocating good faith management, win-win cooperation. In order to ensure fair, fair cooperation order, and protect the interests of customers, the union strictly prohibits all illegal and malicious cheating. If the site is black or malicious attacks, leading to the alliance of business exception, you can according to the alliance exception Beian process, submitted to Baidu union Beian in a timely manner, so as to prevent damage to the interests of their cooperation. Relevant process steps can be found at the Baidu alliance help center.

asked: 1, Baidu alliance search cooperation this request why so high, in fact, you can try to lower the requirements. 2, some of the sites to be punished for a long time not to deal with, I am also a member of the union, has been working together for five or six months, and I feel that this is not fair.

answer: first of all, thank you for your attention and support of Baidu alliance! A problem, in search of cooperation, we mainly focus on the quality of Baidu partners and traffic flow are complementary to each other, so the choice of partner will be more stringent. Question two, we will be dealt with immediately after the discovery of the offending member and will be severely punished. You don’t know "not so long" refers to what? If you have found some irregularities, also can through the Baidu alliance "blue sky 365" platform for action to report, we will deal with the first time.

: how do you improve the click rate of Baidu, about 45% of my


answer: you such a high click rate is "super" hits! If it is so high, and there is no irregularities, but I want to congratulate you for the website ~ ~ how to enhance Baidu Wangmeng to promote cooperation effect, according to our experience summed up the promotion of cooperation network alliance "optimized four elements" that is, position + style + code + set channel = everybody to become the optimization expert. The details are no longer stated here. You can view them directly on the Baidu affiliate website.

asked: for Baidu alliance advertising poor matching, resulting in low ad click rate, only Google Adsense ten or twenty of the click rate >!

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