Pet website a sample of happiness and pain

dating site, just unfolding community website is popular, even though many of them from the profit is too early, but with the domestic public affection for pets, birds and other pets, with worthless aquarium social based website also appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The thriving pet economy related site upgrade, pet pet hospital, the hospital has many shops, also let the pet care, pet insurance, pet community website vitality zhaxian.

crazy pet


ever heard of a $900 pure silver Gucci dog bowl? That’s not unusual in the United States today. 5500 dollars a Gao Valo Weiss Ki crystal dog vest is also a luxury fashion for American dogs. Petsmobility in Arizona even invented a bone shaped mobile phone that tied it around the neck of a pet and was able to talk to their "little kiss" at any time even when they were away from home. Now, the madness of pets has reached an unimaginable level. If you are not a pet lover, you certainly do not realize the feeling of pet as a life, even more than the parents’ affection for their children.

4 years ago, Hochman returned home and found the carpet was a mess of dog urine, which he designed a "new pet potty.". This is a portable plastic disc with a recyclable and absorbing artificial turf. With it, the owner no longer has to worry about dogs. The pricing of $169-259 price is not cheap, but the "pet potty" is still in a chain of more than 50 retail sales last year, turnover reached US $230 thousand, this year is expected to 3 times this number.

, the fastest growing pet in the industry, is pet a. Pedicure, massage, beauty birthday, pets early in the enjoyment of these "humanized" service. The North American Dog Care Association, founded 5 years ago, has now grown to 746 members. 2003, Sharon. Muller has established a pet a services company specializing in the production of plant-based pet shower products. Today, the company’s product line has extended to 20 categories, including $6 glycerin soap and $13 Lavender therapeutic spray. Direct marketing through the Internet, customers throughout the United States, and even attracted far away in Japan and Australia pet owners.

travel with dogs is becoming more common in the United states. According to the American Tourism Association, 14% of adults in the United States travel more than 50 miles with their pets in the past 3 years. A copy of "going out with your pet" has come out in 6 edition, where pet hotel details can be found on, and big chain stores such as Petco have pet travel beds for sale. Even some airlines have developed pet frequent flyer programs. In January this year, United Airlines launched the one and only pet class, if you belong to the members of the flight mileage bargain with their pets on the cabin.

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