Operation ideas of B2B website (technical chapter)

B2B about the operation of the site, many webmaster will gasped, facing a huge comprehensive system, sometimes I really feel very confused. Xiaobian also deeply sympathize with this. However, as a webmaster, you need to have faith and strong fighting spirit, facing the most difficult operation in the website B2B website to integrate ideas, a little bit of it, become a helmsman, let it in the ocean sailing. Today, Xiao Bian simply summed up some practical operation experience from technical operation, and brought it up for everyone to share.

, concise and clear heading

1. home title. For ordinary enterprise website, we usually put keywords on the title, can make the keyword better get weight, to quickly improve the ranking. However, the operation of B2B website is optimized for the entire station, need strong content to support, you can set the title of the website brand name, or with some official language, for example: "name + build for the service of the real economy comprehensive e-commerce platform." "Name + largest purchasing transaction wholesale platform"." And so on, of course, the small list of two are more common rhetoric, I believe the majority of webmaster will have a deeper level of creativity.

2. Title inside page. Each inner page will be given different missions, and each main column and sub column of the B2B website should have a corresponding title. Usually, according to B2B website has a lot of navigation, such as: Registration Center, purchase, supply information, enterprise library, library, news and information, and so on, the general title is: column name (or extension of the column name) + site name, of course, can make innovative writing however, the name of the title of the inside pages can appear the best website.

two, a description that extends around the topic

the description here will have a home page description and an inner page description. And no matter what kind of description is written, it is in the main idea around the title, to make the maximum extension. When writing titles, do not make simple keyword stuffing, but try to make objective statements as much as possible, and guide users to continue their interest in browsing.

three, keyword settings.

keyword layout for each page. Home page keywords are basically: B2B website, trade platform, wholesale platform, etc.. The key word in the inner page is to set the theme around the inside page and extend it appropriately, so as to simplify and strength. Very straightforward to tell the search engine the specific function of this page.

three, page design

1. overall style. Many webmaster will say, the world’s B2B web site is almost the same structure, it is true. As a very strong website for commercial information, the B2B website needs a more dignified layout, and it won’t use any romantic or not so stable pages

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