Why is the same size virtual host price gap so great

same 1G virtual host, some companies offer 50 yuan, and some companies offer 300 yuan, there are thousands of no, why different prices with the goods?

I use now go to the 1G space network to 150 dollars a year, feel good, speed is also fast, I want to open a new station, in the Baidu search for a virtual host, found that prices are expensive, hundreds of pieces of 1G, I don’t know the difference between them. Why the price difference so much


carefully searched the question on Baidu and summed it up: in fact, the answer was simple,

first, only to see the price of space, usually cheat behavior is the price pressure is low, in order to attract the attention of customers, this way is very effective to give a rookie, you can open the IP space, also can upload files, the problem is that once uploaded can not find people, not online or often, even online is no longer ignore you, no way, money to someone else. In order to develop, we have to find new space. So cheated.

second, I believe the liar said what all don’t limit how much you can bind subdirectory, why do you say, let’s just say, a server not only put your own website? Suppose the server has 50 users, each user can bind 3 subdirectories, count, so is 50× 3=150 sites, but traffic is not limited, IIS does not limit himself to think of this server load server can withstand? If things go on like this, there are a lot of free space? So fucking slow death, sometimes really can not wait for the computer to hit. Impulse to return, angry to return to anger, and lost the watermelon, and did not pick sesame seeds.

is only third, advertisement, ah GOOGLE above search casually at Baidu, when general search keywords appear in the following are the sponsors of the advertising links, there are several characters in the next, the advertisement fee is where ah, there is a saying goes well in the long run? Don’t just look at the ads to see! "Treatment" effect, to some big forum to ask ah, but some people in order to get your customers, but he qualified as others, deliberately slander also should pay attention to you, friends are all to believe.

in short: don’t be cheap for a while. Don’t blindly believe how many subdirectories you can bind. Nothing is limited.

After the

, through the N lessons summing up experience, then looking carefully, making inquiries and after verification, until now have been in use to go to the network space here: to tell the truth in general, space stability, speed or can, and for such a long time is not a question of what. Save a lot of trouble.

other small companies that hit "cheap" signs are less expensive because their servers are in their home

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