Before promotion, think about the value of your website

many webmaster in blind promotion of their web site, let 10 Internet users to your web site, if there are 9 see a glance, leave immediately, such promotion is very meaningless. Before you promote your website, think about the value of your website. It is more important to promote and retain Internet users.

1, your website content is original, the netizen comes in to see, the content of this website I have seen in other place, affirmation is interested greatly reduce. If your website content is novel, unique, can let the netizen shines, perhaps the netizen adds your station to collect favorites.

2 is useful for users, and whether this is useful to users is a rather obscure concept. Generally speaking, a website should be locked in a specific user base in the early days of promotion. Too broad web sites, because there is no feature, it is difficult to impressive. I think, to browse the integrated portal, Internet users are more willing to choose Sina, NetEase, Sohu bar.

3, does it keep you updated and you retain users?. Second days, third days is the user to your site look, if you don’t keep it updated, every day is an old face. The user is getting tired of your beauty and will not come again. (on the day of the tool class web site)

4, whether on the website allows users to truly benefit as an example, a netizen to meet new friends through your website, he will feel your site has value; there is a netizen on your website to download a movie to see him very much, he will feel your site has value; there are Internet users buy train tickets through your website, he will feel your site has value.

talk about promotion capability

1, your website can have a place worthy of promotion, many websites, content without content, to fine quality, you tell me, how do you promote? No advantage, no resources, promotion is very difficult.

2, when it comes to promotion, a lot of people think of BBS, post, mass, as well as cheating search. Tell you, in addition to the current no traffic forum is all advertising, many forums at all advertising, mass, have been banned from the search engine itself, want to engage in cheating traffic, you also want to get traffic from search, the 2 million webmaster want to stare at the search engine, tell me why the search will only favor you, difficult, these common promotion does not work.

3, your website promotion really valuable? In addition to pull a few IP, a passer-by, to meet their own, and other useless.

4., I saw a lot of site navigation site, as well as the industry navigation site, and even webmaster navigation site, I wonder, how do you promote these sites, how to do 10 thousand IP?. Can’t you tell me how you make money on this site,


5. website can be bad style, the template is not good, but can not promote the bad, no promotion site buried

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