Competition strategy analysis of nternet used car market


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in 2015, the Internet used car market entered a rapid development channel, accompanied by a round of frenzied advertising war, ahead of time to accelerate the competition and elimination of this industry.

preferential letter used car to 30 million of the sky high shot, "China good voice" season champion, announced the first 60 seconds of advertising began, used car market hegemony officially kicked off;

melon seeds used car advertising strategy is all in, hoping to pull open and competitors gap. Advertising in succession in the major media, invested more than 200 million yuan in advertising, hit a new record of seed industry: second-hand car advertising has covered 40 major city, put on the category involved in TV network video, LED video advertising, bus and subway station, and many other categories. TV media, outdoor media, PC terminals and wireless terminals, full coverage of melon seeds, used cars, advertising.

has insisted that only rely on word-of-mouth marketing in the market and the impact of all vehicles, the same type of enterprise, is forced to follow up, invite actor Huang Bo made an advertisement to put in the video site and Focus Media.

This time

who do not follow up, may be off, experienced in Ganji and 58 advertising war seeds Hao Yang Chung CEO than those who have a profound experience, so dare to generous.

Although the effect of

advertising is immediate, the final decision must be a composite result. Let’s talk about it today and see what might have an impact on the outcome.

Internet used car mainly has two kinds of business mode, one is BC2, one is C2C, each has advantages and disadvantages.

C2C is faster and lighter, B2C deeper and steadier,

is a C2C model represented by melon seeds, used cars, and all cars. It is only a platform for individuals to sell to individuals, and the mode is relatively light.

advantages are: only information platform, focusing on the control of good car source quality, good after-sales service.

is unable to control the vehicle pricing, can only earn service fees; the car user cost is high, the first line of the car, with the sales line, like a big city like Beijing in time to see the car, the cost is very high;

is the second kind of "good faith" used cars and excellent car Cheng products represented by the B2C model. This model in the supply chain link to do more in-depth, not just to do information platform, but also participated in the vehicle sales and circulation links, the acquisition of vehicles directly

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