The new station on the effect of the major search engine

for a long time did not write the article, tonight, to write an article on the new site in the search engine status of the article, welcome webmaster Paizhuan together.

now big and small websites on the Internet, just one click, enough to make up a medium-sized country. Then, these large and small websites have their own content, each has its own service object, whether it is to make money for the purpose, or to common interests for the purpose, we all want to be more people are recognized.

In the absence of

search engine, may adopt more advertising, word of mouth, there is a chain form, since the search engine appeared, great changes have taken place in this pattern is more recognition by the search engine, we say SEO.

I used to various countries of the world search engine had made investigation, found in China, search engine is the most fierce competition unexpectedly, but not because of strong Google, Hayoo, or Baidu, soso, Youdao, Sogou and a large number of search engine, also shows that the net China indirect people are happy, because the choice of space is very large, and are free of charge, which is more than the United States is much better.

so, every search engine has their own algorithm, so the search results displayed are not the same. But the search engine has a common point, that is the preference for the new station, also is the theme I want to talk about today, new sites effect.

What is the effect of the new

? Is the search engine has a special preference for the newly established website, a definition of time for two months, that is to say, this time, the search engine will often visit your site, and you get a relatively good name in the name of the queue the row of search engine.

at this time, you will find that your keyword ranking than those old station, search out the results than they were before, especially Baidu is more obvious, I have done an experiment, a new, a brilliant theme keywords, actually came to the Baidu second the position than those for many years the ranking of the site is much better. I analyze the quality of the website, almost everyone, snapshot almost everyone outside the chain, much less than the old station, not only win more than the PR value, is the search engine for your preference, to start a good weight for you.

so, will this effect disappear? There are two general situations. First, if you continue to keep the site updated and the site of high quality, the weight will always remain, if the quality of your space to drop it, your website may be right down, in your collection of performance will greatly reduce, the home may not first, keywords ranking drop. And this process may last for some time, over and over again. Some webmaster may give up, can not go on. It’s a very normal phenomenon to think that the website is K

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