Look at the single life and death mode of classified information website product from the 58 city th




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site type classification information network is emerging in recent years, in these sites, users can get free and convenient information services, such as second-hand goods trading, the sale of second-hand car, housing rental, recruitment, dating activities, life service information etc.. With the development of Internet technology, classified information websites have formed different forms, including electronic commerce, website navigation, industry portal, life information and so on. In the United States, the hottest category is called Craigslist, which has no pictures and only dense text. Although Craigslist looks rather boring, it’s one of America’s favorite websites.

experienced in 2011 after the overwhelming advertising campaign, the domestic classified information website in exchange for executives left, capital strand breaks, layoffs, group buying business cuts and many other bad news. According to Alexa traffic rankings, 58 city and Ganji traffic rank showed significant decline, in the past 9 months, the city’s 58 ranking dropped from 140th to 254th, ganji.com is dropped from 250th to 400, the prospect is worrying. We can not help asking: what are the reasons for the frequent problem of classified information websites, and how can they get out of the upgrade dilemma?

model of a single product of the "seven year itch"

seven years in the past, the peak of nearly 2000 classified information websites are now running out, the remaining few are also in the plight of traffic decline. The "seven year itch", largely caused by the classified information website profit model single.

– false fraud information flooding

One of the sources of profit for

classified information websites is the merchant registered member certification account, which makes it easier for users to cheat when they publish false information. According to the netizen Zhang reaction, the personal information in a well-known domestic classification information website, but did not deliver any resume on the site, so Zhang did not think that the next few months, he received a phone call the insurance company, hired insurance sales, he politely refused to say they were not the insurance industry, can still get this kind of telephone harassment.

a series of problems such as frequent occurrence of garbage information, disclosure of user privacy and false information, seriously damaged the reputation and influence of classified information websites. For false information, the classified information website does not need to bear too much legal responsibility, because the law will deal with such incidents according to the principle of liability for wrongs. However, how to effectively solve the problem of regulation of false information, it is a hurdle for future development of classified information website must be crossed.

– business model lacks originality,

profit model is the classification of the information industry of war. At present, the revenue sources of classified information websites in China are almost all concentrated in advertising revenue

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