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a few days ago, his last profitable project was offline, to say no pain is false. After struggling and hesitating, I wonder what my entrepreneurial experience has left me in the past few years, and what I can bring to those who want to start a business, or are on the road to start their business.

at that time, a friend is responsible for reception, layout or reference of the bean, the weekend spent two days in the whole application development is finished, and then find a friend to help Xu logo, and propaganda figure painting.

so, "the Yaoqi Yaoqi body, where are


"Chinese milk which is so violent?" "to call me queen; good king!" "we are Tucao star who is not; I will Tucao Death Star" "it seems that you are not does it cry to the Yellow River heart die for a grander sight on a more floor"……

to this day, no one has ever documented the whole process of starting the business – I think that’s what I’m writing about.

on January 1, 2015, the movie "one hundred thousand cool jokes" was released on the grand courtyard. In the evening, the actor’s voice teacher Jay insomnia, he lay in bed to voice director sent a WeChat: "too shocked."

a cartoon really so great charm? Some people began to pay attention to "one hundred thousand joke" behind the secret company.

at the end of April 2011, Tencent has just begun to open open platform, application is seriously lacking, coupled with the Facebook on the "crush notifier" instant hot, so I thought I’d moved to the Tencent platform will fire.

web site: search for "unrequited love" in space

, it was very smooth, through the audit on-line.

was more shocked, and he couldn’t think of it himself. 10 days later, the "one hundred thousand cold jokes" box office broke through 100 million, becoming the first grossing movie in 2015.

one, first product "unrequited love notice"

at that time, logo diagram also played a big role, remember that many Tencent ads are free, and the "unrequited love" Notice of advertising is 10 times the rate of others.

introduction: help each other to express the user, when A told his application like B, B also told the application of his crush on A, then the application will give A and B to send a message, tell them the two love each other.

2006, Zhou Jingqi and Dong Zhiling founded when Yaoqi, two people want to do is actually a "domestic original comic platform". At first the Yaoqi comics comic book, slow development, would need to slowly, little by little accumulation and cultivation. Moreover, when they were ambitious enough to make some movement in the Chinese comics industry, they stepped into it and found they were in ruins.




‘s box office isn’t high enough to compare it to $15 million in production and promotion costs, and you know what it means.

comics aren’t business, but becoming anime is business,

After I am responsible for the background

however, since it was the first time that a product had such a large amount of users, it was not at that time that you knew what to do next. In the popular words, "I and my little friends were shocked."".

peak daily active users: 20 thousand +

tried several profit models, including paying a fee, paying a gift and so on. But the profit was not very good. Now think about the price at that time. It was a bit too low. I was also later understand this truth: "domestic users have a great feature, pay >!"

as "one of the one hundred thousand films produced" cold jokes, Yaoqi fame. More importantly, it gives Chinese animation industry once malaise brought a real evil spirit: the animation of this matter, in the "one hundred thousand joke" to become a cultural symbol, new-new generation, and become fame.

2012, strange shapes, styles respectively with a spoof of accent gourd, Na Zha and Wang 20% anime sensation, even stars Jay Chou personally participate in their voice. By the end of 2012, 1 billion people had clicked on the animated film called "one hundred thousand cool jokes" on the internet. The characters’ lines became the mantra of people laughing at each other, and even when someone spoke, he would deliberately imitate the tone of moving kings two and Na Zha.

said that, when the Tencent platform diversion capability is really strong, although just on-line friends platform, the application will soon reach about 2000000 of the total installed, daily active about 15 thousand.

total user volume: 3 million +

in the vision of Zhou Jingqi and Dong Zhiling, China cartoons have industry with a complete industrial chain, they need to do is to choose a suitable starting point, such as at the beginning of the company scale, go along this chain. However, walking halfway before they found the industrial chain is no bubble: a group of advertising agents, no stragglers and disbanded soldiers, decent production team, no distribution channels.

note: almost all of my products are on the Tencent open platform, and so are the products you want to introduce below.

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