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handle net recently announced that it has won A round financing from angel investment in Taishan, European buy site, founder of Daily Deal and Jinsha River investment of $5 million. In a very short period of time to complete two rounds of financing, handle net has accumulated a total of 10 million U. S. dollars of venture capital. In this regard, Wu Bo explained that investors believe that the "near stage" in the promotion, the net returns ratio is relatively large, so decided to additional financial support for the site".

site traffic began to think how to make money, 04 years time mainly do SMS advertising and advertising alliance monthly, monthly advertising such as Liuhe color advertising, Hongkong horse advertising, I remember a month is 300 monthly, those people are asked about the website flow do not look at the statistics, the payment is very bold, then know that these things are illegal, to crack down on the country, these ads have done. Just do some advertising alliance, the advertising alliance in cattle, 21CN alliance, u.m-time alliance, YYA alliance, A8 music, long alliance, color >

handle network marketing director Zheng Bin said, received a $5 million bridge loan financial loan interest is not expensive, but investors provide free financial loans, the first round of financing three investors in Taishan, European angel investment group purchase website Daily the founder of Deal, were involved in the Jinsha River venture capital finance loans, the Jinsha River venture capital mainly, the financing will be used to promote the day after. Industry analysts believe that the first round of hand net financing has sold 30%-40% stake, the second round of financing options to adopt financial borrowing, is to prevent the proportion of equity dilution in the future too much.

ChinaVenture Beijing time on June 17th news, the domestic group buying website handle net President Wu Bo recently revealed, shake handshandle net recently won Jinsha River venture capital and other 5 million U. s.dollars financing.

handle net expansion speed is very amazing. The June 4th acquisition of the Xi’an native handle network group purchase website group Lele, domestic group purchase the first acquisition event, 10 days to complete the first round of financing, became the first to obtain financing group purchase website was opened at the same time; 100 of the city group purchase station. Promotion of the last stage of Wu Bo said mainly refers to the 100 station lose 1 yuan and iPad pumping, and some in the Beijing subway for user registration and other activities to attract bikinis. The industry believes that the net is willing to borrow money from the investor and may be related to the size of the funds it needs and the timing of the financing.

handle net, Groupon, has been valued at $1 billion 300 million, known as the craziest Internet Co in the history of the United states. According to statistics, the domestic buy site tide began in February this year, peaked in 4 to June, the current total of 300 to 400. Although the industry veteran, such as Li Kaifu, Hu Yanping and Zhou Hongyi have expressed no appreciation of this model, but the group buying industry has been nearly crazy, venture capitalists dare not be indifferent to this. Wu Bo had previously said that the worst plan for the shake hands net was that it would take two to three years without earning money, and he reckons it would take at least $10 million to keep the company running. Through two rounds of financing, the net needed to get hands, but can smooth degrees?

the high-profile move industry also attracted criticism, dangerous insiders said the great leap forward in the eye at the same time also fail to earn, and more lawyers handle network group purchase -1 yuan iPad "suspected of misleading consumers.

himself has been a webmaster for 5 years, but so far he’s still not a successful webmaster, because I’ve been doing garbage websites from the beginning to the present. Do these years probably earn hundreds of thousands of Web sites, this year I bought a house, marry a wife, a child, in fact, can enter the webmaster circle, completely thank graph king, he brought me into the station in this circle, people’s life to develop, must relax, I believe that graph king is my people, that is a little creepy, but in my heart think so, if not his advice, now might be a month income more than 1000 salesman.

The object of the

refers to the so-called junk website on the alliance income, no sustainable development of the site, such as pictures website, novel website, video website, website, we all know that this kind of website traffic on the basic search site, source of income by alliance. Why do I waste site, itself is not learning computer programming, web design, fully understand, start the school website will contact a few days HTML code, that can be modified with DW, just started when the graph king taught me to use OE in others sites, the so-called OE is to see others do website well, he certainly only copied ZhengZhan static pages, download no dynamic, no background, but the content of the website is enough, and then use the fireworks to modify the page icon, take someone’s name to his own website, a website to do a success. The rest is submitted to the search engine promotion page, keyword stuffing, hidden keywords, a large number of spam links and so on, which is to search optimization, now called cheating, in fact there is no absolute optimization concept and cheating, different times have different ways of it, a lot of people learn SEO optimization technology may be 3 to search for is cheating. There are community postings, such as the Sohu Community, as long as a post, it may bring you 5000ip or more, of course, now these methods are no longer, and I am no longer tired. Later OE others site maintenance update is not convenient, take a long time to modify an advertisement, slowly give up, there are a lot of people back to sell photos in the online program, what the program fiction film program, direct purchase procedures, after the maintenance more convenient.

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