Lan Yu selling wedding dresses like French people doThe legend of Luo Jun’s home the ideal is before

the 400 day of the race against time

interview where the main tone of the shop, a building is designed into two regions, the window is a flower show, the front window dressed in wedding dress clothing model, including a purple Mermaid gown, Miss World Zhang Zilin at the Shanghai Film Festival in the table is on the inside; blue jade is the makeup of the area was shallow, oak color around several shelves of indomitable spirit, the book on the shelf is very complex, there are many clothing hardcover magazine.

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‘s first round of financing took place in May 2012, with the launch of the light speed venture, which includes speed of light, CDH, Ctrip, and the global The Resort Apartments giant HomeAway. "These four are chosen because of their representativeness in their respective fields."

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The shop floor is two

familiar with Luo Jun’s people, all know his style of work pragmatic, steady and pragmatic. This characteristic is also reflected in the process of the home network. Unlike other national short rental sites, the army used only 400 suites to test the water for the first time. It was not until the market was short of demand that it began to expand nationwide.

in fact, not a blue blue jade studio >

, but Luo Jun has shown particularly strong confidence in this regard. "Our models are different from them." In his view, the road home business combines tourism, real estate, hotel management and the internet. In the Internet and real estate, Luo Jun experience as well as resources, for today’s road home has laid a good foundation.

now in addition to blue jade studio three stores in Beijing and Shanghai, in Paris this year bought lace workshop, will open three stores in Paris, London and Sydney. "Do fashion to fashion to do, we must go to Paris to do advanced customization." She said, although the company engaged in international layout, but "the year 2014, our global custom wedding only limited edition 10, because we only do that a sharp gold spire". So the commercial layout is bound to affect the company business revenue. "High in wedding dress haute couture in this part, we do is brand, revenue is not under consideration. Our business revenue depends on the brand perfect mature, the next step to increase the product line and mass production to complete." She said, the company invested about 40000000 yuan, the next 5 years, will always be in the input stage.


blue jade studio was founded in 2008 2010, she as "after 85" new dress designers began to break into the public eye, her wedding is mainly designed for many stars, she created the designer brand LAN-YU, attention not only in Luo Haiqiong, Li Xiaolu and Sheenah’s wedding, but also from Cannes, the Venice Film Festival to major domestic film festival LAN-YU, a brand of custom dress soon became more and more of the "red carpet star shirt".

"custom wedding customers, this time is the peak of her life love, we listen and share her love story, make her one of the one and only wedding."

"you are sitting on the seat that day, China broadband capital fund chairman Tian Suning."." Point to "the first financial daily" reporter’s seat, the way home online information technology Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as "home network" co-founder, Luo Jun recalled the day of financing scene.

This purple

in the financing of the winter, the wind race for a project situation is rare. Moreover, until today, the concept of vacation rental network company, founded only a short 400 Yu Tian.

more than 400 days of experience, for the second pioneering Luo Jun, it must be unforgettable, but he refused to talk more, ">!"

the weather was so hot that the skin of the two arms was almost ulcerated at one time. Then he began recruiting the first employee, looking for the first tenant……

blue jade workshop. Lan Yu declined a reporter visited the request: "the workshop is set to enter sterile temperature, change clothes and shoes." She said there is a white cloth and lace, afraid to take into the dust and small black, sounds feel a bit like "hospital operation room".

talked to the owner of the first house, cleaning the room and cleaning the toilet…… Luo Jun, Li Li for the whole of everything.

way home network revealed that the figures are, A, B two rounds of financing totaling 400 million yuan.

, of course, is not without rivals. If the home, Chinese front courtyard economy chain hotel development, public comment and other domestic group purchase business also provides high-quality hotels, Ctrip, eLong giant has long been bullish short rental market, short rent ant pig short rent also began to develop the operation.

2011 August is the hottest season in Hainan. After the resignation of Luo Jun, the first time to Hainan, Sanya.

blue jade looks more slender than the pictures, thick pink sweater, green pants, sitting on a rectangular white bench, two make-up is busy doing her hair for her makeup. "Sina micro-blog night night activities, they will go to V." She told reporters, "entrepreneur". Behind her, wearing a dark green dress with hollow, is prepared to attend the evening activities.

B round of financing completed in February 2013, the investors were Ctrip, GGV, light speed, HomeAway, Ding Hui, Qiming and broadband capital.

not long ago, the road home just announced the completion of the B round of financing. "There are more than 70 venture capital institutions I’ve spoken to." Luo Jun says.

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