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1. careful, maintain high sensitivity to information, observe carefully, find business opportunities,

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, in the modern enterprise management work, there has been a lot of discussion about the reward. What is the purpose of rewarding employees? Individuals believe that the rewards of employees should be based on the principle of maximizing the performance of the organization’s economic performance. That is to say, reward is purposeful and targeted, that is, enterprises reward employees and expect employees to act in a manner envisaged by the organization. Therefore, we can say that the purpose of reward is to induce employees to behave in a certain way. I used the word "constraint" here. The enterprise’s reward policy and enterprise rules and regulations constitute a channel, employees in this channel to access enterprise organizational goals and personal goals.

1. reward is not what people cherish.

clear on one point: the behavior itself is objective, people always take action to achieve some things they think are important. Many enterprises in the formulation of enterprise incentive plan, often subjective judgment of employee work benchmark. In many enterprises in the reward program, to distinguish between individual value and not very detailed, so the reward plans are often also formed to a standard to all the staff. These two aspects have created the situation that an enterprise’s reward for employees does not arouse the interest of employees. This is a typical equivalent value of a way of thinking. As for the question of values, because it is not the focus of this article, it is not too much talk, only a clear point of view: everyone’s values are not the same. For example, a delicate painting of a match girl is obviously meaningless. I’ve already mentioned that the purpose of rewards is to induce employees to behave in a certain way, so the reward is attractive enough for employees, and only in this way can rewards become a motivation.

2. rewards can also be penalized in another form.

3, work hard! Don’t just say, think, combine practice! Only practice can bring harvest. Too much daydreaming is useless. Put it into practice, work hard and break into the future!


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5. optimistic, positive, good resourcefulness and so on, these school teachers teach us the truth of life is also the way to make money online!

4. patience, perseverance is victory, and identify the way to make money, then start it! Every day is full of effort, and stick to it, there will always be achievements. But also to distinguish between their own efforts, persistent or stubborn?.

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