From the quality of the website construction and optimization of the key to victory


is different from the construction industry, the vertical portal and e-commerce website, website construction of small and medium enterprises is in two directions. One direction is to focus on start-ups, intelligent and finished website is in this context, due to affordable prices, many companies have been welcome; the other direction is a mature operation of small and medium enterprises, in order to enhance corporate image and effectively assist the sales, design and functional requirements of higher expectations; more professional companies to provide high quality custom design and application. But they have one thing in common is that both focus on that direction, enterprise website construction production quality are increasingly demanding. And this demands not only reflected in the elegant page art design, but also in the care of the details of the function, open the speed as well as the website, domain name and web site hosting options etc.. And the focus of enterprise website construction and web design company, to win the market and future, but also in the quality of rivet foot.


has written about the domain name selected article too many webmaster, domain name natural selection to short enough for the first principle, we will not go. But in the domain name registrar selection, DNS selection and analytical analysis. Many people think that is the same for all international or national, English or Chinese domain, where a register is not the same? In fact, the domain name selection contains thousands of knowledge. We may on storm analytic practice in mind, cause nearly half a Chinese network congestion phenomenon, is the DNS server storm from unknown attacks. Is the domestic focus IDC Product Service DNS server, often under attack, and each time the catastrophe will bring tens of thousands of web sites. So the choice of the domain name, especially large company DNS choice must choose in the quality of the domain name registration, even if some of the higher cost, in order to stabilize the website operation quality is worth.

quality winning: domain name

quality win two: buy

the same domain name, the host played in the website construction and operation can not be ignored, and web hosting web site is the cornerstone of safe operation. Although after the ministry again and again remediation, the country is still the existence of a massive server operators, just after the rest of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore pay more attention to quality and service. However, there are still many websites host operator, let the small and medium-sized enterprises and some stationmaster headaches, pain in enjoying just passable products and services. Not open slowly, is frequent downtime, not attack, is often "Service Unvalueable" prompt, web hosting quality has become the stable operation of the test site. This ridge is not only impassable, high quality and stability of the host need more cost only, such as the A5 Adsense nets and professional website construction company pilot technology, is a network host and domain name products distributors.

three: quality first page design

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