Enterprise station Shanghai dragon is not only the key words


uninterruptedReal time online publicity

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in Shanghai Longfeng quickly, do Shanghai dragon in the company, most of the time no matter what kind of way, no matter why not reasonable, as long as the end, you can see the benefits, that is reasonable. Or even if you log analysis is very good, the structure is very reasonable and included very quickly, keywords layout is very reasonable, but ultimately not benefit your work will not be sure, is of no value. After all, the enterprise must pay attention to the process of station of Shanghai dragon, but pay more attention to the. So, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization at the same time, also need to do other work synchronously, so as to ensure the optimization of key words in the long and other benefits, so that you get.

The development of

we do optimization time, the degree of difficulty to analyze keywords, and analysis optimization of the approximate time. The general enterprise website can bring benefits is the product of the word, so after the product as the core word word, long tail word left is mining related products, strive to put the two pieces together, hand in hand. The former takes a longer period of time, the competition is relatively large, is not easy to get good rankings, but the latter is not the long tail word, we mine a large number of words, such as the product + product + regional, how, how the product and so on, the long tail words and user generated docking, will really create value if you insist on doing it, it is possible to produce results within the expected time.

have time, do the work with Shanghai dragon is different and involves different industries. In fact, sometimes in the enterprise do not Everything is going smoothly. Shanghai dragon is not too difficult, although the keywords, but because the site control is not entirely by the master himself, even if it does not comply with the many local search engine, but sometimes destroy the original structure of the regulations of the company website do not, so we can’t do much on the site in the station optimization that can only in the limited time and limited resources to achieve the best keywords, to create value for the company.

uninterrupted includes many aspects, such as many high quality forum, some inquiry platform, some QQ group, some industry website, even recently very popular micro-blog mode, which can bring potential benefits and value for the company. We in the optimization keywords at the same time, but also need to do publicity and promotion in real time, so go out to release product information from multiple aspects, so customers find our chance will become the most. This process may persist for a week to see the effect, but if you insist on a month is different, the effect is out. For example, many webmaster platform ask very familiar, some webmaster can earn from the platform last month tens of thousands, is on the persistence and hard work, so, uninterrupted online publicity, with the Shanghai dragon optimization effect to each other, plus you Shanghai dragon.


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