Zhang Weifang analysis of deep mining long tail keywords love Shanghai

1, Shanghai

Shanghai is a manifestation of love to know the best platform for user interaction, individual when analyzing a keyword, usually love from Shanghai know love because love start, Shanghai knows the problem more keywords to correlation is very large, or the user needs to search, is the same industry or do some related know. For example, I love Shanghai in Beijing know search appliance repair, the results obtained as shown in figure

3, love Shanghai search drop-down box

of course, this is only part of the screenshot, we can see the word for customer care or want to get answers from. So we have to be targeted to choose the long tail keywords. Then on our website in writing the relevant content to attract our customers.

search love

is no stranger to the long tail keywords you Shanghai dragon Er, although the long tail keywords to search for a limited number of users at the same time, brings the flow is almost very little, but if a site has a large number of the row in front of the long tail keywords, then bring these long tail word flow together is a very large this is a digital, and the main Constant dripping wears away a stone. effect, is the general search these long tail keywords users are the needs of the user, so mining the long tail keywords is an important piece of work is necessary to do, so how can we dig these massive long tail keywords? So today by Zhang Weifang to share the depth of love by Shanghai mining long tail keywords love Shanghai.

love Shanghai search is a very good way of mining the long tail keywords, we can not stop mining long tail keywords, we through this example: we found b> by a


know love

is a popular word recommendation based on user used search habits, this is to improve our efficiency of mining is very good way.


we found that the input of some of the time will see some recommended search words in the drop-down box in Shanghai love the search box, users reflect the popular search words basically (of course there are counterparts to brush up, we slightly observation can be found, here is not introduced), we can use these related search to analyze some useful to us as we search the long tail keywords, Beijing home appliances, as shown below:


when we do the word we wish to understand first love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, through the outline we can find some long tail keywords, open classification and also love Shanghai encyclopedia entries is worthy of reference in terms of us.



2, the Shanghai Encyclopedia

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