Shanghai dragon Er should now how to send the chain

to Iraq found that a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are blind to the article, the hair of the chain. They don’t even know why you want to do this. I talk about the purpose of the chain and how to do the chain.

!The chain of The The chain of

chain with the spider as everyone knows, the function. This is the first use of the chain. When you need a spider climb your site, you can send some chain. So the chain spider how to do? Related articles, the chain address needs to be included, included fast! This is the only

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second is used to vote. The A website has links to B sites, on behalf of the B website to vote for A. This allows you to get a good ranking of keywords. The practice of the chain mainly lies in two points: the chain site theme or column theme is related to your site, as well as the keywords. I’ve seen a lot, to the webmaster forum to send Shanghai dragon decoration, medical words. This is not only to promote the keywords ranking, it will be counterproductive. In my eyes, this approach will lead to a lot of junk chain. What is the quality of the chain? Chain theme or column and your site related theme, you send the article with the relevant keywords, so the chain is the quality of the chain. The quality of the chain the voting effect will be much better than that.

third uses: drainage. The use is often overlooked by many people, in fact, this is the core value of the chain. So the chain itself does not have the effect of promoting the ranking, but through the chain to flow, it will make your keywords ranking improved. Also, not to say how you will rank your site will get you want to flow. The chain of this blog to Iraq do not much, there is a Post Bar link from the beginning to now still in my flow. There are three places to watch this link: one is to address the chain website has a large number of users; the two is your soft Wen can let others interested in; three is your website and your soft fit. If the chain website address you didn’t have a lot of users, so you have no source of traffic; if your soft or no interaction to generate interest, then people won’t click on your website; if your soft, or interact with the theme of the site is not related to your website to keep users. These three points are indispensable. Do these three points, that your site drainage link is successful!

has a "chain for the king in the past, the contents of the emperor", many websites only by collecting content and a lot of the chain to get good rankings and weight. Since the love of Shanghai launched the "green" algorithm, a large number of acquisition station, the mass of the chain website disappeared. All of the previous practices, it will not only bring good rankings but the impact on their site ranking. Now, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the chain to ask how to do? Why do insist on the chain, update the article, website ranking is still in Iraq today? To give you analyze how to do the chain now.

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