The analysis included the amount decreased by reason of love sea

analysis from the site keywords, Shanghai dragon blog keywords ranking although there are ups and downs, but basically stable, but also increased the number of words ranking, only by comparison, almost no flow.

love Shanghai algorithm adjustment is simply to do original, not against cheating, illegal garbage sites, but the Shanghai Dragon technology blog, the original majority, and was not included in the article before, this is to make the author puzzled. We know that love Shanghai is through the link pages found, including the chain and the chain, when the page value reached standard will be included.


Shanghai dragon blog through found the website traffic analysis, Shanghai dragon blog traffic reduced by almost 1/3

What is the reason of unstable

data of August 31st

also confirmed this view: Shanghai Dragon technology simply relying on the core keywords bring traffic to the site will enter the bottleneck, unless you are very good Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology, keyword ranking can maintain long-term home, but it is almost impossible to visit, otherwise in the second page third page ranking brings is limited. Search engine optimization is a disadvantage, if you want to maintain a certain flow of long-term, often do the long tail word is a right direction. The Shanghai Dragon technology blog had several articles on the technical aspects of the network in almost every day can bring more than 20 IP article, these two days through the webmaster tools statistics found, not a IP. The article directly to the URL search, did not return a result, it seems to be love Shanghai recovery. The following attached to a network on the technical aspects of the article: double click on the desktop icon to open the right to open the display properties.

, what reason?

in Shanghai Longfeng technology through monitoring 2436 site analysis of data found that this day in Shanghai included change site has 69.40%, included rising 37%, down 32.40%, Shanghai ranked 31.90% love change website, ranking 17%, dropped 14.90%.

August 31, 2012, Shanghai dragon blog included reached 203, and then from September 1st to today, fell in love with the sea included the amount reduced the lot, only more than 80 site: home, love Shanghai official has stressed that site data are not allowed, through love Shanghai webmaster tools back view of Shanghai Longfeng blog nearly 200 of the quantity index. In addition the domain: home page, the amount of data in August 31st 3380, now only 1180. The following blog together to analyze Shanghai dragon.

360 and love Shanghai between the offensive and defensive war in August 31st a comprehensive upgrade, love Shanghai for their search results shielding, the search results URL encryption is to prevent the 360 jump, crawl, so the data is not quite stable. Recommended reading: a study of jump URL code search results of love Shanghai.

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