Mai Wenwen the three stages of Shanghai dragon ER development step by step

in my opinion, Shanghai dragon is not superficial, but it is a very deep knowledge, there are a lot of knowledge inside contain. If you are only in accordance with the public’s thinking to operate on the website, we easily believe that point, then you just stay in the first stage; if you are very specific, they will have the ability to observe and summarize, keywords ranking well, then you are the second stages of the Shanghai dragon ER; if there are a lot of you are can use the experiment and data to prove that the Shanghai dragon do high degree of controllability, is not simply a bizarre phenomenon as the search engine algorithm adjustment, then you do this when you controlled Shanghai dragon, is the third stage.

third stages: the third stage is a key stage, after the second phase of training after this stage, pay more attention to the importance of data base, can find some deep reasons, phenomenon, usually do in the process of Shanghai dragon, real-time monitoring, monitoring network.

Shanghai dragon

development has been for several years, many owners are also more or less understanding of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, then Shanghai dragon skill is deep is shallow, Shanghai dragon ER development will generally go through several stages which, whether it will meet the bottleneck, and today I will share my superficial view, a brief summary of several stages in Shanghai dragon ER development, hope these summaries can make some Adsense harvest, also welcomed the exchange.


second stages: the first stage, the most important breakthrough in this stage is that many things begin to learn the analysis and summary, and this time you Shanghai dragon thinking is quite rich, sometimes from time to time will optimize the website marketing ideas, promotion from the user experience on the move, want to do a long-term and stable ranking. More important is that you will find the right direction, so, using methods and ideas of their own good, soon to do keyword ranking. In addition, this stage is a good state of mind, keep calmly. Because Shanghai dragon is only a means just so you know, in the strategic defiance of Shanghai dragon, and pay attention to the tactics. This stage is a good stage, Shanghai dragon has can help you profit, your information is multiply.

in the first stage, you learn a lot of basic knowledge, to see a lot of books or master articles, most of the basic knowledge of the Shanghai dragon you understand, such as we are often referred to in the title of title, meta, H tags, you also understand the construction of the chain, pseudo original value chain, Soka, static URL every day, thinking about how to get the snapshot update, included more, the PR value update, keyword ranking, etc., will go to the forum post, they occasionally update some original, even every day a certain scale of the original, on such a complex of doing the same thing, sometimes only to equate the rankings and chain. So most of the time and energy is in the field of mass Benz Shanghai dragon, this is the first stage of the Shanghai dragon.

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