The site does not add content also have good rankings

. Here the promotion including but not limited to the chain, social networking tools etc..

to search engine optimization for Shanghai dragon, the content of the website editor, the first step is to do is to love Shanghai included, this article should at least be included; then love Shanghai ranking, need included page ranking; and then the user can see whether users can page ranking see, for example, whether the user will search these words; and then the user can read, see this article, you can read is very important; finally be able to achieve the expected goals, what is your purpose in writing this article? Brand publicity or

transaction? If you just

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, the competition is not what. Believe in the site of the company of friends all know that they will tell the enterprise, (unidentified say)

sites do not add content also have good rankings, the reason may have the following:


continue to add content? Some people may say that web search engines do not update the love, do not update the site users do not love, is to update the site more included, better ranking, more traffic. In this regard, personally think that is not so.

/ Guardian yuan Kun, from 贵族宝贝1029079293.qzone.qq贵族宝贝. You can go far, you see the key and

in the end how to add content to the website? I believe that many enterprise web site operators will think about this issue. There are some very strange friends, competitors’sites not what update my site every day to update the original content. The ranking is not, people’s ranking steadily.

Three, through the promotion of

in the QQ group today we discuss a problem: there is a long time not what website update, the ranking is very good. Long time not update the site experience is not good, not to say that web sites require frequent updates? See a friend ask questions in the search outside questions two days ago: an updated page updated snapshot of how to make. For this problem we communicate together.

also has a good ranking for the website does not add content, we will according to the specific circumstances of the site to do the analysis, find out the reasons in order to better solve the problem. A frequently updated web site, but not up to our requirements. In fact, here there is a misunderstanding: what is the purpose of the website content.

two, the whole site optimization do very well. For the enterprise website, may not have too much content bearing. We just need to get their products or services to fill in place on the OK. For example: A5 marketing.

sites do not update the content also has a good ranking, can we just in order to rank it, apparently not. What you want? What is the final goal, accomplish the goal line.

who together!

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