The horse prairie lift the PR value of the noble enlightenment Baby Book

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second, noble baby PR is not entirely. Although PR does not represent the noble baby high rate of flow is high, but if the noble baby PR is low, you really feel shy of publicity, especially in the exchange of Links, noble baby PR is almost "title of nobility", low PR network are often looked down upon by others.


fourth, reduce the noble baby PR is not terrible. The decrease of PR remind you: your website is what is wrong in some way. Next, you need to carry on the corresponding reform, and constantly optimize. PR reduced this wake-up call to help you truly know where the "condition", then an antidote against the disease!

first, the noble baby PR is not so important. After all, love is still in the domestic Shanghai search engine leader, love Shanghai is far higher than the noble baby weight weight. A web site keywords ranking love Shanghai more practical, but it’s a little baby PR has nothing to do with the aristocracy.

the noble baby PR once again for a renewal and adjustment, not only confirmed the noble baby PR often choose in the domestic big day to the end of the change in practice, but also for the continued downturn in the market hit a shot in the link is not too strong. Noble baby PR value of the update, the result is the rise and fall, also let the webmaster come a few happy tears mood.


short, noble baby PR this weathervane is only a "evaluation standard. The webmaster friends, this horse prairie appeal to everyone: the importance of noble baby PR, but does not depend on the noble baby PR. Wish your website more and more fire, money unlimited

third, PR is not mysterious noble baby. Update, have the original, valuable, lasting, influential, flow…… The simple truth is secret. But how do these simple things well, but it is not a simple matter. Adhere to the most simple things seem to be the most difficult to achieve.

in the study period, continue to "play" a few sites, can be regarded as a part-time personal webmaster. For the positioning of individual learning and friends of the forum was founded in four years the PR value soared and has reached 6. However, the PR value adjustment is due to the recent one month busy training without updating the content is reduced to 4. Thus, continuously updated the original valuable content is the most simple and effective ways of the evergreen tree of the site. As the saying goes: will have to lose. The author’s personal blog in the re construction of short time of less than two months, the PR value rose from 0 to 2. The PR value changes these bittersweet brought some thought to the author, the exchanges to share with you.

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