A website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel how to cultivate the sense of smell optimizati

I think the olfactory sensitivity optimization process mainly originates from the daily accumulation, Rome was not built in a day, the general culture sensitive thinking the most common way is when charging, charging two level is a daily study such as learning to go to the webmaster nets, Shanghai dragon why, out of the forum and so on. Second, pay attention to the recent observation and algorithm of dynamic love Shanghai webmaster forum and love Shanghai webmaster tools released, because the love of Shanghai every small change and if we do not >

algorithm changes suddenly, website ranking website was suddenly dropped, fell eleven. The author mainly to the three most common factors and share, love Shanghai love Shanghai general algorithm change, the official will give the algorithm the reasons for the changes, if they happen at this time the site down the right, we must carefully analyze the love of Shanghai official documents, many webmaster forums to see, to find the crux of the problem is not very difficult to believe. If your site is not made after the operation algorithm change what love Shanghai illegal operations, we will analysis second points, ranking drop suddenly, usually the most direct cause of the sudden drop in rankings on top of that can be considered from the following aspects, the first quality and the quality of the chain, such as the article has collected recent. Pseudo original, outside the chain wantonly single forum signature or mass and so on, as long as he has been involved in the recent recovery process to avoid weight, secondly, pay attention to check whether a web log analysis such as server downtime on 404 page whether because the server factors. Finally, check to see if the site Links was linked to the black links or link partner web site open, site is down right and so on to analysis, general website ranking change radically outside factors above the core or the quality and the quality of the chain, actually we think the optimization is not so mysterious, is the key to see whether an antidote against the disease, in order to find the root cause of the disease, but many people can not find the root cause, mainly due to lack of experience. Website ranking to eleven, mainly analyze the problem in the process of the recent release of the chain in the chain keywords is too single, diversified attention chain release text and anchor text links in the process, it can be very good to avoid the phenomenon of eleven.

Including love Shanghai

second, keep the smell of the consciousness and learning attitude.

first, optimize the emergent problem in the process of how to analyze.

is well known, site operation and maintenance of website optimization is a long-term work, this work both for the physical test or for spiritual test for our optimization is a very difficult test of all staff, the author thinks that the website optimization from the previous live slowly to toil a thinking activity and mental activity now, the fight is the optimization optimization idea to fight the user experience, the day will simply send the chain, the article of this age has gone for ever. Today the author mainly discusses how to cultivate personnel as an optimization optimization of their sense of smell.

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