Strongly recommended Yao Kong 7 days in Shanghai dragon

There are a lot of Shanghai dragon books

small left just read the old Yao (Yao Jingang) wrote "7 days in Shanghai dragon" one book, feeling is very good, recommend it to everyone. Excerpted from the book preface.

The first chapter is the foundation of

book is a very complicated things, very glad to be invited to join the team Zhou Zhenxing write a book, in his help (Chapter Four mainly by Zhou Zhenxing, from the book, I proofread) in about a month, is undoubtedly something exciting.

2011 has yet to find Citrix, I said, I want a set of marketing for the rich Shanghai dragon series of video tutorials, I was very readily agreed, I think at that time is to make 7 video, but later a video tutorial and text tutorial as materials and PPT production the material, and making these as the first to write a relatively easy to understand the book, so on the initiation of the writing of "7 days in Shanghai dragon" the idea for the book.

and Citrix also in rich marketing opened "Shanghai dragon," the forum, I am responsible for, this is a challenge for me, but now that promised to earnestly fulfill the commitments.

the Internet now, if this book and that book, I want to write this book is available without too much. Shanghai dragon is a technology update soon, maybe 2008 is a good method in 2010 is very out of date. In 2010, Shanghai dragon began popular discussion round chain, AC regional search, love Shanghai, the integration of Google search, personalized search, standing group of new thinking…… These new problems and so on the Shanghai dragon, in the previous books have little systematic explanation and introduction, this book will let you know and learn the new technology system. These are the future development of the search engine, so it is suitable for most people to study, to pay attention to.


, mainly on the development and the status quo of Shanghai Longfeng, explained the Shanghai dragon "

Yao Jingang, the old name Yao, hermit, good at search engine optimization, search engine marketing, there are more than 3 years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng, data analysis and comparison in place, accurate positioning and good at data analysis. A number of friends and co founded a number of network organization, such as the Shanghai dragon Association, China hacker, held a number of well-known Web site moderator, administrator, in DONEWS, Ai Rui, a lot, a number of stationmaster net portal opened personal column.

at the same time the book contains a very complete system of Shanghai Longfeng learning process, the book is divided into seven chapters, which is based on articles, papers, articles, station outside the station, senior strategic thematic, case study, reading difficulty from shallow to deep, I believe you are in after reading, Shanghai Longfeng level reach a new level. For beginners, reading this book, you will be in Shanghai Longfeng reach a mastery of the state. The following is the general content of each chapter to explain.

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