Shanghai Longfeng novice webmaster do stand experience 3 months of experience

2. part of the chain chain sometimes encountered barriers, when I first started is not to know how to analyze competitor website, we have been talking outside the chain to be widespread, but really want to do is not easy, the chain can not look for the platform to try another way ask, such as video, etc., not only limited to some classified information, the B2B platform, the forum. Of course, some classified information platform and B2B included faster, like business network, list and so on, some included slowly, take some time to record, but the weight of the high platform will be included in a day, so to continue to try new platform to do extensive chain. When the chain in the forum, the forum is now because of the tube is strict, not good links or anchor text like, some forum can use a signature, some also have to wait for your level to a certain level in order to display the signature, so the forum as a chain of emergency don’t go to a forum, hurry to do advertising, may be appropriate to raise the next number, the forum inside the high grade bully popularity, don’t do the chain too late, if to do outside the chain, it is easy to be deleted, serious directly to the title or letter IP, like this if done before are busy.

3. exchange chain part of the beginning of the new station exchange links will be a little difficult, after all he did not let others choose what advantages we, this time we can find some of the same class station to exchange links, reminder: new sites don’t rush to exchange links, and other sites included normal to exchange too late. When exchanging links often focus too much on what PR webmaster, you don’t have to PR more than how much to change, of course, to weight high website.

1. keywords are not clear what is the keyword of the website, do not know how to query, after leading guidance and help of colleagues, I only know how to query, to know the importance of Guan Jian of a website,

When I first arrived

the time off really fast, think the industry has entered Shanghai Longfeng after 3 months, the 3 learned really is a lot of previous promotion do only know do not know what the reason is, there is no emphasis on the breadth of the chain what, though now learned only superficial knowledge, but I still want to write something to commemorate my 3 months of hard work.

I was a rookie Shanghai Phoenix webmaster, previous work editing part, but also did not involve the station optimization this part before, only know to update the article, release information, did not know that is called the chain. To change the job, just come into contact with the Shanghai dragon this knowledge every day and explore the experience and method of Shanghai Longfeng area, every day in the chain kept constantly in progress every day, every day, and colleagues in the non-stop growth and progress, good, no nonsense, here and share a some experience during this period.

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