Shanghai dragon powerful within the chain is king! The side chain!

!Each connection between

five, from home do not "too far"


internal links! is essential

the above five points are done, we can make a web site internal weight flow, general home page column page weight is the highest, secondly, the last is the content page, so we reasonable layout weight strategy is also very important, this depends on your play! For example, want a page weight high key, can be achieved through the

all the inside pages are not too far away from home, that is to say from the home page click click to ensure that within four times can reach any one page, here that four is an example of the number theory is as small as possible, which is more conducive to search engine grab and transfer the weight of


a qualified website, the website map is essential! Because the site map is very convenient for the search engines, can easily find all the links on the site! A site map page should not be placed too many links, less than one hundred is appropriate, the rest of the page can be

Two, !

internal link is good or bad for the importance of Shanghai dragon, all Shanghai dragon friends are well known, so a reasonable internal links construction is very important, how to do within the chain can be reasonable and effective? Below I to Shanghai Long Feng experience to explain their years of


site map


, a website must use text navigation

six, make the site ZhengZhan weight flow

took over the project, many websites are using pictures or write JS navigation, this search engine is unable to grasp, must use text navigation, because the search engine is friendly to the text link, if there is no way to beautiful navigation must use JS or pictures, then at the bottom or left to the text navigation links.

sum up, the site within the chain is a weaving art ", we should be good at weaving in the chain, causing the accumulation of a qualitative change, the website will become more and more powerful, the weight will be more and more high! The Tianjin wedding rental (贵族宝贝yueyanhunsha贵族宝贝/) original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you! The first A5 we are strong! Only internal links made up is the kingly way, create value.

on the link text

we do within the chain, will put the whole website into a spider web, the relationship between all the web page can link, on the one hand to the user experience, on the other hand to the search engine to find and grab station more links, let our site to form a virtuous circle of

link text must be associated with the target page content links, this is very important, "don’t give an irrelevant answer", otherwise the search engine will think you are cheating, links to nature,


four and the website page

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