The Shanghai dragon do three Taobao share customer experience

, select the best keywords, the right is the best

In fact, Taobao The first step of

selected words can not compete, others may not be consistent with our own choice. In Shanghai the Dragon Road, everyone in the hands of the different resources, have done different levels of Shanghai Longfeng area is different. So the first clear understanding of our own strength, in order to select the matching words, such not only do not give yourself too much pressure, but also easier to succeed. Mai Wenwen suggests everybody in the choice of when to choose some difficulty, don’t aim too high, then concentrate on to implement. If you can do the search engine ranking before three, the general will have a certain flow. After the success of a website, you can also batch replication site. This is the Internet a way to survive, especially suitable for individual owners to profit by Shanghai Longfeng, may a website profit is limited, but accumulated to a just cause qualitative change in the process.

second step, to put enough mentality and 1 not profit is normal

this is a very important point, not only I realized when I applied for a lot of new domain name, but also enabled some two level domain name, and began to do the search engine optimization. As I expected, almost half a month are not included. Later, after included update is very slow, this is the normal process of Shanghai dragon, at the same time, many of my friends said his website is to optimize the post in the forum, but the effect is not ideal. Instead cut off time not to.


promotion customers in many ways, known as the Forum promotion, soft Wen promotion, QQ group promotion and so on, everyone can according to their own choice at different extension way, but through my own conclusion that Shanghai dragon is still a very sharp way. The Shanghai dragon can optimize the key difficulty slightly larger, large flow, can also optimize some difficulty, but smaller bulk copy can flagship store and other words, so it is good to Shanghai dragon and Taobao combined off. Below share several key points by some of their own experience, I hope you have a good idea to share out, improve together.

Shanghai dragon is a word in recent years we often mentioned, many webmaster in the process of contact, Shanghai dragon, its price is a high in many promotion ways, I am also a webmaster very love Shanghai dragon. In the process of the Shanghai dragon, the main is to optimize the company type of website, later on, slowly began to contact a higher level of difficulty to the personal website, finally, put more energy into the well-known Taobao customers. At the beginning of the article before, let us take a look at last week’s income, though not much, but this is the use of this method can realize, this is a summary of their own, also hope to help.

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