The electronic commerce website how to choose keywords

e-commerce in 2011 has been very popular, of course, like Taobao giants, we are not able to fight, but you must concern and other competitors website in your industry, analysis of their site keywords, of course, as long as the analysis of search results from the first page of the hand is enough, and according to the opponent.

: the first selection of the site of the core keyword

Select the

electronic commerce website is to sell our products, so our core key word of course is the name of our product, for a single product site, the key word is the product name and product category, for the multi product website, all products are the key word, but need to arrange the key words to different pages to.

every customer has their own search habits, every industry has its particular search habits, then we must experience as a customer, how to search for a product, but also to our sales staff as well as a variety of Web site statistics software, find out the search words users with love in this work, the need to constantly sum up and found, and use different keywords in different stages.


keyword is an important site of Shanghai dragon one step in the process, a lot of friends in the beginning of the site, select some very popular keywords, the blind pursuit of these popular keyword ranks, and even to high ranking with some means to cheat to deceive the search engine, the final results are search drop right or K stand.

second: the expansion and extension of your core keywords


electronic commerce website becomes more obvious, many e-commerce sites have spared no expense to improve some of the popular keywords ranking, but the actual effect is that web traffic has increased, but the income is not improved, in fact oriented e-commerce is direct customers, consumers, so we should pursue visitors – customers (consumers) the maximum conversion rate, and we optimize the objective of which is to allow customers to find the products directly, and generate orders, rather than flow. Adsense Institute also optimized some e-commerce sites, here to share some key words in the choice to do the work.

third: know your industry and customer search habits

This phenomenon in the

and a little more important is to integrate different keywords, create more keyword expansion, for example, we will be the origin of a product, performance, texture, color and so on are combined and the core keywords, is a very good keyword.

fourth: pay attention to your competitors website

China Chinese characters through different combination of broad and profound, Chinese characters and synonyms of a product can be combined to extend key words very much, also is the long tail keywords. For example, a product in our life have multiple names, such as: computer notebook computer desktop, are actually the name of the computer.

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