How to make good use of the long tail keywords


found the long tail keywords how can we use? The inside with certain skills, but also easy to learn, the best way is to use classification, according to the classification of long tail keywords on the website of the advantageous degree, keyword weight high you can add to a web page in the title keyword weight is relatively low can be put on the web page keywords, using such a method to distinguish the influence of the long tail keywords on the site. In addition to the website the best descriptive statement will also use the long tail keywords, and then form a coherent sentence to target customer related guidelines and the main content of the website can easily understand. In addition, long tail keywords can also be used in the anchor text link related, on the website of the effect is quite large.

then how to choose the long tail keywords corresponding to the good website? The search is a commonly used method to love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar know and contact the website long tail keywords, search is generally shown below each big search engine keyword short, these words are generally associated with the Internet search behavior, all will bring good traffic to the site.

finally the majority of owners need to pay attention to the keywords avoid piling, although will bring some to the site keywords ranking in a short time, but long-term development go on the recommendations or step by step, do Shanghai Longfeng every step of the white hat method although the long boring, but it can bring long-term development to the site, whether to do long tail keywords or some other aspects of the Shanghai Dragon technology, not instant success, also is the long-term strategy, you can on the Internet this way to go farther, see more.

many engage site friends often encounter such problems: optimization of long tail keywords how much can bring benefits to the website? Especially for those who just get involved in the Internet friends, eager to create a piece of their own little world, so often to have some experience of a friend asked the relevant knowledge about the long tail keywords.

personally think that the benefits of long tail keywords is competition difficulty is low but many people willing to search the word, long tail keywords should be chosen according to their own website content is consistent, because it can bring to the site in the precise flow, visit the website are the target customers, there is great demand for web content people.


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