How to make the site within two months of keywords ranking from scratch

, home of the three elements must be written

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site of the highest weight is none other than the non home page. The three factor is title, keywords, description. These three factors must be carefully considered words, will be the site of the primary key natural smoothly into. I just took the company’s Web site home page title, wrote: "China classic mahogany furniture exhibition official website of > > home page". Obviously, "> > home is completely unnecessary, and the site does not have a name, so home title into" mahogany furniture exhibition – Chinese classic mahogany furniture exhibition official website". This highlights the "mahogany" and "mahogany furniture" keywords, but also that the type of site – exhibition, natural smooth. The three elements of the home page is written, the first step of Web site optimization, and many enterprises do not pay attention to the site, please from the grasp of the details.

site is now more and more enterprises have gradually realized the importance of Web site optimization. To the enterprise website optimization process, Shanghai dragon Er more or less will encounter some problems, such as the structure of the website without confusion, keywords layout etc.. This kind of website is not just the new sites, it is difficult to adjust the overall arrangement, only the details of the start, gradually achieve the optimization effect. The following is for everyone to share their actual experience, the hope can give the enterprises engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work friends a little help.


spider web crawling the web page code, if your website user experience is very good, but with a large number of JS code and the structure of FLASH, the website of your keywords ranking will not go higher. This is my website before using a lot of JS code to achieve marquee, slides, suspended window and other web effects. When I first view the page source code, found in front of all the page code line is a few large the same JS code, QQ code is suspended window service, and the middle part of a use of the iframe framework. JS and iframe are not conducive to search engine to crawl content, I put these contents in several JS files, through the method of external calls to achieve the same page effects, but also conducive to streamlining the code of Shanghai dragon. If you don’t know the function and usage of JS code, or some JS code is implemented through the external function calls cannot, the JS code behind than in front of much better.

three, are home page chain

Control of

due to the type of Web site, the site needs to do a lot of advertising chain, when Calais has more than 100 total export chain, which is oriented site quality is uneven, and some even have been unable to access. Advertising is advertising, does not involve the website weight transfer and voting. After telling these advertisers, I will.

two, code simplification and optimization of

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