Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space Technology to Overcome Challenges of 5G

first_imgCohere Technologies is the developer of the Patented groundbreaking OTFS (Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space) wireless waveform technology that simultaneously extracts time, frequency & spatial channel behavior resulting in greater coverage, higher capacity, and cost savings. They have formed a technical advisory board to assist the company in bringing its OTFS (Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space) wireless waveform technology to market. The board members are major figures in academia and business who are responsible for many of the technology breakthroughs that enable today’s high-speed wireless and mobile services.OTFS is a new modulation scheme that delivers 100 percent coverage, 10x spectral efficiency and a 50 percent cost savings over existing solutions by perfectly capturing the wireless channel. Combined with traditional modulation schemes, OTFS extends the benefits of this 2D modulation to existing platforms as required for the future of 5G mobility. Cohere plans to productize OTFS for backhaul, fixed wireless access and 5G.In addition to encouraging further technical investigation of OTFS, the board will also help to identify new applications beyond Cohere Technologies current market focus. Complementing their technical expertise, the advisory board members also have proven track records on the business side of wireless that Cohere will leverage to develop new technology partner relationships and expand its approach to new markets.The board’s efforts will complement the public support Cohere has already received from several of the world’s top wireless carriers calling for an investigation into OTFS and its potential to play a role in 5G. According to Dr. Andrea Goldsmith of Stanford University, technical advisory board chair – Cohere’s OTFS is the first major breakthrough in waveform design in many decades, and is uniquely poised to meet the requirements of 5G. Every new generation of cellular system has promised a range of compelling new applications, and adopted a new waveform to meet the associated requirements.Board member Dr. Arogyaswami Paulraj, a principal figure responsible for the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) concept that is key in today’s 4G cellular and Wi-Fi networks, added  – the Emerging 5G standard promises dramatic performance gains over 4G in terms of capacity, coverage and reliability, but for 5G to achieve this it will be necessary to overcome increasing new challenges, such as the problems of pilot overhead which will be significantly worse. Fortunately, Cohere’s OTFS shows significant promise to mitigate these pilot challenges.The technical advisory board will be led by Dr. Hadani and Dr. Anton Monk, Cohere’s vice president of strategic alliances and standards. To know more about OTFS wireless waveform technology, click here.last_img

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