Chart 177: COVID-19 In New Mexico Sept. 7

first_imgOverall COVID-19 risk by state. The nonprofit organization Covid Act Now monitors daily diagnoses, infection rates, testing positivity, ICU headroom, and contacts traced in each state. The overall COVID-19 risk is based on these five metrics. The risk designation differs from those used by the state of New Mexico in two respects: (i) New Mexico Department of Health factors in only daily diagnoses and test positivity rates, (ii) Covid Act Now low risk designation requires less than 1 average daily diagnoses per 100,000 people, whereas NMDOH has a threshold of 8 average daily diagnoses per 100,000. Hence, the Covid Act Now threshold is eight (!) times more stringent than that used by New Mexico. Map credit: Source: Created by Eli Ben-Naimlast_img

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