The Tourist Board of the CNTB adopted the annual report

first_imgAt its 52nd session, the Tourist Board of the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) adopted the Report on the Implementation of the Work Program of the Croatian National Tourist Board for 2015 and the Annual Financial Report for 2015. The Director of the Main Office of the CNTB, Ratomir Ivičić, remains in office for the time being, since the Tourist Board of the CNTB has adopted the annual financial report for 2015 as well as the Annual Work Program for 2016.The session was chaired for the first time by the new Minister of Tourism and President of the Croatian Tourist Board Anton Kliman. Minister Kliman thanked the members of the council for the good cooperation and discussion in order to improve the Croatian tourism sector. He also thanked former Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin for the quality handover and management of the tourism sector.Following the Annual Financial Report for 2015, total revenues amounted to 344.891.147,00 KN, which represents 100 percent of the realization of the planned amount. Total expenditures in 2015 amount to 330.527.855,00 KN, which represents 98 percent of the realization of the planned amount. Of this amount, total expenditures for activities were made in the amount of HRK 330.527.855,00, while the remaining amount of HRK 9.627.846,00 relates to funds for settlement of liabilities assumed in 2015. Based on the above, it was determined that the transfer of funds to the next period amounts to 4.735.446,00 KN, and these funds will be directed by special decisions to other activities determined by the Annual Work Program for 2016.”In 2015, the Croatian National Tourist Board carried out all key marketing and other activities planned by the Annual Work Program for 2015, which contributed to strengthening the brand’s strength, better positioning of Croatian tourism on the international tourism market and Croatia’s image as an attractive tourist destination. I would like to emphasize that the Croatian National Tourist Board, through the implementation of its activities, has made a significant contribution to the overall positive results of the movement of tourist traffic in Croatian tourism as a whole, as well as a significant increase in tourism revenues.”, Said the director of the CNTB Head Office Ratomir Ivicic.RESIDENCE TAXES IN CROATIA Regarding the summary report on the collection of sojourn tax in Croatia by counties, for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2015, the total sojourn tax paid according to the submitted data of tourist boards of counties amounts to 373.329.969,06 HRK, and the total debt per day 31.12.2015/27.840.560,26/12.708.500,43 amounts to HRK 2015, of which HRK 15.132.059,83 relates to debts based on the sojourn tax for 2015, and HRK XNUMX to debts from the period before XNUMX.  Applications for the Public Invitation for co-financing of local ferry transport by groups of travel organizers with organized bus arrivals in 2016. The Commission considered all 6 received applications and found that 4 applications meet all the conditions for granting support for co-financing local ferry transport groups, and the Tourist Board adopted a decision on granting small value aid to these entities in the total amount of HRK 241.707,01 net without VAT. And.last_img

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