The Ringer: a Bike Bell for Grown-ups

first_imgLast month we reported on Spurcycle‘s innovative Griprings, now they’re kickstarting again with the Ringer, a high quality aluminum, stainless steel, and brass bell.  While my first reaction is to scoff at a $35 bell, I do know a lot of riders who race mountain bikes or ride busy trails who have kiddie bells mounted to their $200 handlebars, so Spurcyclecould be on to something here.  Why strap a bulky, cheap piece of plastic to a machine whose every other bolt and component is made of specialized, high end material?  Ring the bell for more pics and info. And what’s more hipster on your commuter than a raw steel bell that you probably haven’t even heard of? . . . or match your roadie so it’s not so obvious you have a bell on your bike while rolling through urban areas.  As you can see, the ringer is relatively small (30mmx20.5mm), weighs 42g, fits almost any bar, and is made in the U.S.A.center_img For ten bucks more, the ringer also comes in black to match your mountain bike on all those stealthy passes.  Spurcycle claims it won’t offer that annoying rattle on high speed rocky sections either.last_img

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