2013 Campagnolo EPS TT Group – New Cranks, Electronic Shifters & Levers For Triathlon,…

first_imgAfter introducing the EPS electronic shifting group late last year, Campagnolo has quickly added compatible TT/Triathlon bar end shifters and brake levers. The new items add push button shifting in aerodynamic packages and bring along a pair of new aero carbon cranksets, too.Above, the shifter brake levers put the buttons on top and inside edges of a control box with a full carbon lever blade. Wiring and brake cable run through the center of the expansion wedge to keep everything cleanly run inside bullhorn bars and out of the wind. The brake levers have a quick release function to open the brakes for easier wheel changes. Weight is 109g for the pair. The aero bar shift levers, like the brake shift levers and their traditional EPS levers, has a tactile click and lets you run through the entire cassette range simply by holding down the lever. In our experience, the learning curve for how long to hold the button for the desired number of gears is pretty quick. Campy says the tactile “click” minimized accidental shifts – we’ve found that to be true with the road levers, and it’s a nice touch. Levers return to center after being pushed. There’s a “Mode” button that allows you to make fine derailleur adjustments or set the zero (starting) position even while riding. Weight is just 98g for the pair.All components in the group are waterproof, a good thing considering the intended triathlon usage. They’ll work with both the Record and Super Record 11 speed EPS derailleurs.The TT DTI control box can receive simultaneous signals from both the brake/shift lever buttons and the bar end shifters. Signals are then relayed to the power unit. The RGB LED light displays different colors to indicate settings and battery power.To go along with the EPS bits, Campy brought out new Bora Ultra and Bullet Ultra carbon aero cranksets. Both use their XPSS chainring design with eight upshift ramp sections and two downshift sections. Thanks to the massive full carbon spiders on both, Campy says the chainrings are very stiff.The Bullet Ultra TT crankset has a full carbon spider and crank arm built around their PowerTorque spindle and bottom bracket. Weight is 815g, chainring combo options include 34/50, 36/52 and 39/53. Comes with USB ceramic bearings, crank arm lengths are 170, 172.5 and 175.The Bora Ultra gets several upgrades over the Bullet: Ultra-Hollow Tech carbon spider and crank arms, CULT ceramic bearings with their Cronitect steel bearing facings, and the Ultra-Torque spindle and bottom bracket. It also gets a titanium axle and screws. Weight is 795g, a 30 gram savings over the Bullet Ultra. Chainring combos grow, with 39/53, 42/54 and 42/55 on offer. Same crank arm lengths.Pricing and availability coming.last_img

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