‘My education has become a burden on everyone’: DU student commits suicide

first_imgThe letter reads:“Please make sure that my family gets my Inspire scholarship amount for at least one year. Forgive me. I’m not a good daughter.”Neha(name changed) was a resident of Shadnagar town in the Rangareddy district of Telangana. A bright student, topper of her school in matriculation and 2nd in town in the intermediate exams. The Department Of Science & Technology awarded her the ‘INSPIRE’ scholarship for the same.INSPIRE stands for Innovation In Science Pursuit for Inspired Research. A scholarship given to exceptional young minds to attract talent towards science at a very young age. It must have been a proud moment for her to be one of the selected few to get this scholarship. But, see the irony, the ‘Inspire’ scholarship “inspired” her suicide.Neha belonged to a lower-middle-class family. Her father owns a repair shop, and her mother is a tailor working from home. In an interview, her parents talked about the family’s financial condition, especially after the pandemic. Her father said in an interview:“She wanted to be an IAS officer; she had so many goals. I used to privately grieve that I did not have enough money to help her realize her dreams… When she topped her Intermediate from Vigyan Junior College, I was the proudest father in Shadnagar.”Despite all the difficulties, her parents did all they could for her studies. Her mother pledged her gold ornaments. Her father mortgaged their one-bedroom house for Rs 2 lakh when she got admission to the prestigious LSR college. They even stopped schooling for their younger daughter after the 7th standard.She was so hopeless and desperate that she even Emailed ‘Sonu Sood’ for help. The email read:“I don’t have a laptop, and I am unable to do practical papers. I am afraid I may fail in these papers. Our family is completely in debt, so there is no way to buy a laptop…I am not sure whether I will be able to complete my graduation,”But, help didn’t come from there either. That ‘INSPIRE’ scholarship was not just an amount for her. It was the only way she could afford to study in Delhi.Who is to be blamed?I read a few articles and came to know the scholarship was pending for over a year now. Such a long delay means negligence at some level or another.And this is not just the case with Delhi University. My sister studied at Pantnagar University, Uttarakhand. Her scholarship from the University was delayed for more than a year too. Fortunately, my family can pay for her fees, but we all need to understand that not everyone is at the same level. Some people like Neha depends entirely on the scholarship amount to pursue their education.The damage has been done. Blaming different authorities will not bring her back. The authorities must understand the severity of this situation and improve the system of allotment of scholarship funds.As said by Neha’s father: “We want authorities to ensure that no other student faces a similar fate.”last_img

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